National Coordinator for Groningen

Living, working and going to school safely in the earthquake zone, that is what matters to the National Coordinator for Groningen (NCG). The work of the NCG is not only to reinforce homes and other buildings, but also to enhance the quality of life and sustainability and to reinforce the regional economy. All this to build on a high opportunity Groningen.

The National Coordinator for Groningen is a collaboration of ten Groningen municipalities in the earthquake zone, the Province of Groningen and the Central Government.

Contact and locations

Please find the contact details and locations of the National Coordinator for Groningen below.

NCG head office

The head office of the NCG is in Groningen.

Postal address

Nationaal Coördinator Groningen
Postbus 3006
9701 DA Groningen

Telephone: 088 041 44 44 (available on working days from 9.00 to 17.00)

Address for visitors

Paterswoldseweg 1
9726 BA  Groningen

If you are going to visit the office on Paterswoldseweg, remember you will need to provide proof of identity. Be sure to have your driving licence, ID card or passport with you.

Local departments

Our local departments (versterkingspunten) can help you with reinforcement queries, information or contact with residents’ guidance providers of the National Coordinator for Groningen.

Social media

Twitter account: @NCGroningen
LinkedIn: company page